Saturday, September 26, 2009

Puzzle Fun

I bought a box of creative puzzle from Learn-Thru-Play last week. Initially we are not sure how to play with this... creative juice have not kick in yet. So I followed the 4 designs given in the box n do it for Little DinoEgg.

Few days later, I made this, a pair of walkie talkie;

And Litte DinoEgg had a full 15mins of fun with Daddy, talking into the walkie talkies n Little DinoEgg telling Daddy what he is doing etc. He can also say "ok! bye dad!"

Then earlier on he started to build a "cage to keep the dinosaurs".

Maybe I will get another box for him, he ran out of pcs to build his "cage" n thus make do with those available. He managed to use all the pieces though :)

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