Sunday, September 27, 2009

Visit the toilet

Yesterday nite Daddy show Little DinoEgg how to go to the toilet himself. He was so proud that he ran out of the bed room eager to tell me.

This morning he needs to visit the toilet and I told him to go on his own, which he suddenly remembers that he can do it. He eagerly says "I know how to do it, mummy!" and ran to the toilet. I followed him and stood outside the toilet watching him take off his underwear, move the stool to the toilet bowl, stand on the stoll n pee, get down, move the stool to the basi, turn on the tap, wash his hands, come down from the stool, wipe his hands on the hand towel n finally put on the underwear.

After that he says "I can do it ALL by MYSELF." proudly.

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