Monday, September 28, 2009

Red Patches

Last Monday after our Marche lunch with Serene, Little DinoEgg was abit feverish. That night the fever went up to 39 deg. I knew this was coming as his upper gum was abit swollen, this means its either he is heaty or its an infection.

He had fever for 4 days, temperature shoot up usually from 11pm onwards till 5-6am. Then last Friday when I saw him at Granny's house he has got red patches all over his body! At first I thot it was heat rash, Granny's place can be very warm even at night and she does not have the habit of switching on the fan plus she feels its COLD even though the rest are perspiring! On further inspection, I noticed that the red patches are all over him, from the chest to the arms, body, buttocks, groin n legs! And as usual, Granny proclaim that he was ok this afternoon, no rash was seen...

I had a haste dinner and rush off to bring Little DinoEgg to see Dr Lawrenece only to discovered that the clinic closed at 4pm on Fridays. So we took a taxi back to our neighbourhood clinic to see Dr Ivan. Luckily daddy was there buying his dinner so I asked him to registered first while we made our way down. Alas... Dr Ivan was off duty today n we see a young doctor. Nevertheless, he was very thorough, checked Little DinoEgg's lymph nodes to see if there is any swelling, checked his throat n found ulcers! He suspects HFMD but ruled tt out coz HFMD does not give red patches of rash. Checked his lungs, no phlegm, breathing is very clear *phew*

The doctor says the rash should go away in about 3 days time, should the rash be there on Monday, we have to bring him back for further checks. No medications or cream was given since the rash does not itch nor painful.

Daddy says it may be fake measles... dunno true or not, anyway monitored his temperature and it went away on Saturday. The rashes starts to subside on Saturday too, it has faded some more on Sunday n today we can barely see them.

The ordeal finally ended... we were ok with the fever but when the reashes came out we were worried as not sure whether it was due to some food he ate or the ling yang drink that we gave him. Anyway all's well now :)

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