Saturday, October 3, 2009

In Love with Boogie Bug~

Missed Boogie Bug class last Saturday as Little DinoEgg was feeling under the weather.

While on the way, besides telling Little DinoEgg to behave himself, no running, no climbing onto the bar, I also reminded him that he must "listen to Uncle Reuben & Uncle Mark" *point to my ear*, "look at Uncle Reuben & Uncle Mark n follow instructions" *point to my eye*. I find that this helps him to remember my basic requirements from him.

We were slightly late... ok ok 15mins late to be exact coz there was a jam on CTE *next week we will come out early OR take the train*.

Class went well. He strayed once n was being "brought back to earth" by me. When I sense tt he is drifting again, I reminded him by pointing to my eye n ear, which sent the msg instantly n clearly, he was able to control himself. Class was conducted without parents sitting with the kids, unlike the younger class, however I still sits with Little DinoEgg as he is still new to the class. There was once the kids were supposed to move to sit by the mirror, I did not follow, quietly move to the side. He was so engrossed n paying attention to Uncle Mark that he did not realized till a while later. He waved to me to go sit with him but I just signal him to stay there, Uncle Reuben saw and distracted him *Thumbsup*

I am very satisfied with his performance during class *Good work son!*

After the class, we stayed back as I need to pay for his school fees. There were a couple other parents who wants to pay too so I waited for my turn. While waiting I let Little DinoEgg play with the next class kids and irritate Uncle Mark for a while (haha~ me bad, I know :P). Suddenly he shouted something n ah bu neh-neh! I was shocked! Oh ya you can sense the other parents n the 2 guys were shocked too coz suddenly everyone stops talking n try to look busy silently... ... Of course I will not tolerate such language and I made him apologise to Uncle Mark.

When we are out of the room I made it very clear to him that the word "ah bu neh-neh" is unacceptable n its very rude to call pple that. I warned him that I do not want to hear him says this ever again. At such times, I will hate the child care centre coz this is the place where he picks up all the nonsense behaviours, rude words n language. More of such things to come so I must brace myself for it.

Note : (1) Remind Little DinoEgg to stay on the circle mat at all times unless Uncle Reuben or Uncle Mark says otherwise. (2) Try to sit by himself without me sitting behind him.

Remarks : the word "ah bu neh-neh" or "ah bu neh" was used in olden days where the Chinese call the Indians. Not sure about the origin of this word but in recent years its considered rude to call pple (regardless the race) such word.

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