Saturday, October 31, 2009

1st Ever Haunted House in Punggol

Went to the event and was totally disappointed :(
Have arranged to meet the gang 6pm at Punggol Plaza for our dinner then walk over to the Halloween carnival. When we set off the sky was dark, we were hoping the wind will blow them away. No such luck, half way through dinner it rained cats and dogs. We would have gone back home but I think the kids will be disappointed especially Francis. So we sat in the food court n wait for the rain to go away. No such luck either... it merely became smaller. Anyway we spit into 2 cars n drove to the spot. When we came out from the car park we were met with 1 long long queue! At first we thought they were there to stay out of the rain, upon my further investigation, they were actually queuing up to go into the haunted house (which is actually the RCC).

The entrance to the Haunted House

And since our kids are all underage to go into the haunted house, we proceed to the tentage hoping to find some fun n excitement. To our disappointment, all we see is a small tent, a poor-lite stage n an emcee trying to make the atmosphere warm n welcoming despite the cold wind n rain. After listening to him blabbering for like 5mins or so, its the magic show. It would have been an interesting magic show which the kids will enjoy but alas... there were not enough lighting, half the time we cannot see clearly what the magician is doing....

As the rain has become smaller we thought we'd venture into the tentage. Barely 3 mins inside there n I have to leave carrying Little DinoEgg. I am not sure whether it is due to the rain that they decided to squeeze the popcorn cart, tarot reading, popsicle stand & crystal ball reading underneath the small tentage. And again, it was poorly lite... I can't see clearly what is inside there except for luminous light up deco, shadows of the popcorn cart....

Feeling truly utterly disappointed, I went back to the void deck. At least there are seats for us to sit down n get out of the rain. On top of that, they did not provide any toilet facilities! The RC members do not even allow Daddy to use their toilet in the centre, stating that "We do not open our toilet to the public." Poor Daddy have to walk all the way back to Punggol Plaza to use the toilet n back again, in the rain too...

I think the most fun time we had was the 30mins we spent sitting on the chairs under the void deck while the kids run around n the adults chit chat n take photos. Sad to say, this will be my first and last time attending any event organise by the RC or CC.

And I should have gone to the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) Halloween event! It look much more exciting fm a friend's photos *hhrrmmmppphhhh*

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