Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meg and Mog Show

We enjoy the show to the max!
I dressed Little DinoEgg up in his pirate cotume since the show did say try to come in the halloween costume :P When we were there, we see alot of princesses, spiderman, batman, pumpkin n even witches too! Its sooooo exciting!

The opening scene stage setup

It was an interesting n exciting show, though at the scenes where the 4 witches dances around, Little DinoEgg was scared n almost wanted to home. We did not know the story of Meg n Mog, did not know about these characters till today but we truly enjoy the show.

At the end of the show they have a Treat or Trick for the kids~ The kids will line up n with their Treat or Tricks bag which they were suppose to bring themselves. And some of them did not bring. Lucky I came prepared :P Whipped out the 4 Halloween treat bag I bought couple of years ago n pass 1 each to Little DinoEgg, Chloe, Charlotte n Faith. So off the 4 kiddos queueing up to take the sweets fm Steggy Stegosaurus, Owl & Mog. Little DinoEgg even says "Treat or Trick" with his bag outstretched hehehe~


And I took the chance to have a quick photo with these lovely characters.

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