Monday, October 12, 2009

Going Diaperless n Milk-less

Co-incidentally, Little DinoEgg's school is training the N1s to nap without their diaper. Well, means I did my training with Little DinoEgg at a good time :) No clashes with the school. However with this, means the kids will not have their milk before their nap time, this is to minimize the chances of them peeing while napping.

Sad about this coz Little DinoEgg is already drinking 3 times daily and with the one in school taken away, means he is taking it twice only, which we feel that it is insufficient. Well, no choice, but we can still ensure he takes his milk 3 times or more during the weekends.

Spoke to his teacher and she is starting with the kiddos this Friday. Keeping fingers crossed~

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