Sunday, November 15, 2009

BBQ Chicken

After the Swimmy play we met up with Daddy, Catherine & Charlotte at Tampines1 for dinner. This is the 1st time I am there since it open earlier this year (i think).

Its very crowded and we have a hard time deciding where to have dinner as there is either a queue at the restuarants or its packed to the rim. We decided to resign t fate n choose 1 restaurant which has no queue n no crowd, coz we have 2 uncoperative plus hungry 3yrs old tagging along with us, have to settle down fast otherwise there will be a melt down!

We enter BBQ Chicken, hoping for a fast meal n perhaps not a tasty one since its not crowded. We were so wrong! We have Black Pepper Chicken Steaks while the kids share a plate of Cream Chicken and Mushroom pasta, we ordered the Teri-Q wings to share. The chicken steak is soft n the sauce is tasty. The pasta has ALOT of cream sauce, enough for the kids to take some n sip it as soup hehehhee~ Teri-Q wings is tasty too, abit spicy but not too much, Little DinoEgg took a few bite of the wings w/o complaining. Here are the pictures of our food; couldn't find the chicken steak picture though.

Cream Chicken & Mushroom Pasta

Teri-Q Wings

We ended up with a good meal~ So No Queue does not mean food tastes yucky :P We have to give them benefit of doubts.

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