Sunday, November 15, 2009

Swimmy, thumbs up!

Swimmy day with Noel & Chloe~ Arranged to meet them at Victoria Theatre at 3pm. Its been a long time since I've been to Victoria Theatre, when the taxi let at alight at the carpak, I was disorientated... could not remember where Victoria Theatre is at which building... ended up went up the wrong direction and have to walk back =.=

It was such a hot day! Me n Little DinoEgg hang around Victoria Theatre while waiting for Noel & Chloe. There was a small stall selling Leo Lionni's books but I find it abit pricy so did not buy. A while later Noel & Chloe came n we head into the theatre away from the heat.

Take a pic with Swimmy's poster

Stage set up

Photo of the 2 kiddos

It was a good play, with puppetry (too bad I can't take photos of them!). They have puppets as small as Swimmy the worm, to as big as the haron's head with its long beak and the huge robin's tail.

I am not sure about Chloe but Little DinoEgg enjoy the play alot. He especially like Swimmy story, keeps telling me "The big fish eat the fishes."

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