Friday, November 27, 2009

Meet Abby Cadabby, Elmo & Friends

Arranged with the gang to watch Sesame Street performance at Compass Point shopping centre.

Little DinoEgg insist on wearing this Spiderman tee shirt. He has been bugging me almost every day for the pass week, keep asking me if I have washed his Spiderman tee, can he wear his Spiderman tee...

We were there about an hour early but the queue was already sooooo long! In the end we did not managed to get inside the sitting area thus have to stand n watch the performance. I think Little DinoEgg did not enjoy it as much as last year's, not only I have to carry him for about an hour (15mins waiting time + 45mins of show time), he have to crane his neck to the side to watch the show. It does not help when there is an inconsiderate MAN inside the sitting area who refuse to squat down or sit down. His selfish action makes those standing outside the sitting area craning their neck, bending their body just so tt their kids in their arms can see the show. Selfish idiot!

Since I have to carry Little DinoEgg, I was unable to take photos, below are 1 photo taken fm Catherine keke~

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