Friday, November 27, 2009

BBQ @ Enry's

After the Sesame Street performance, we hang around Compass Point n wait for daddy to reach so that we can all go to Enry's place for BBQ~

With the Xmas Tree @ CP

2 kids monkeying around on the steps

It rained very heavily and we were so afraid that we have to cancel the BBQ :( So much food, what to do with them if its cancelled? We went up to Enry's house to sit n wait for the rain to go away, crossing our fingers at the same time too. Luckily around 7pm, the rain stopped and the daddies went down to the BBQ pit to start the fire etc. We mummies stay back in the house with the kids, plus relaxing abit :P Especially me! My arms still hurt after carrying Little DinoEgg for an hour earlier!

It was a good BBQ, no photos coz all of us are sooo busy! The guys had a hard time getting the fire to start up. Later after the fire is up, Steven busy with cooking the food, daddy n Eric went to buy some stuffs+beer, the mummies busy feeding the little ones. The food are yummy~ The home made Indonesia otah is tasty, its the 1st time I have it, not too bad, but I think it would taste better if its spicy kekeke~ The chicken chop tt daddy marinate is good! Its been a long time since our last BBQ, seems like daddy did not forget his marinating recipe ^^ I love the chicken wings n the prawns~ Little DinoEgg love them too~ Ate so many wings n prawns tt I was so afraid he will over eat.

Little DinoEgg had an accident though :( It was nearing the end of the day, we were sitting at the picnic table chatting. Little DinoEgg was sitting beside me playing pretend car ride. Since the bench is quite narrow, I warned him to be careful. A while later, I simply took my eyes off him for a sec n he fell backwards, hitting the back of his head hard on the concrete ground. He cried out so loud, holding onto his head, gave me a real shock! I carried him up fm the ground n hugged him tight, consoling him. Eric was real quick with the make-shift ice pack n handed it to me *THANKS ERIC* We look at his head n there are no red marks no bleeding, have to monitor to see if he has got vomiting for the next 2 days. And can u believe it tt 10mins later he is running around like nothing happened? Kids....

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