Saturday, November 28, 2009

Boogie Bug Xmas party 2009

Boogie Bug Xmas party~~~

Dressed Little DinoEgg up in shirt and jeans instead of the usual tee n pants/jeans coz thought its a big event party, hand some boy hehehe~

We were there about 15mins before 10am, sat at the lobby till the hall is open. There are so many pple~ Lucky we were there early as Little DinoEgg was able to play most of the games. Though he did not score goal or "play cheat" in some of the games he got a little prize at every game.

Here are some photos of him playing the games

Posing with some of his little prizes.

Soon more and more pple came n the hall starts to get crowded n cramp. Both of us suddenly feel the tension n stress. I got restless and Little DinoEgg starts to act up. We retreated to the front of the stage to have some quiet time. Then we saw Lili and Mikaela ^^

Chatted with Lili, after a while the MC announced that the show is going to start shortly so we went to look for a space to sit on the floor. The show is about Uncle Reuben losing his singing voice hahaha~ and the journey to look for his singing voice back. It was a fun show, the kids enjoyed it, they even have a dance performance by some of the older kids.

Anyway both of us did not enjoy it very much coz we feel cramp, noisy n stuffy. Little DinoEgg keep saying that he wants to go home but I wanted him to stay to see the Santa Clause. I asked if he would like to meet Santa Clause and he nodded his head. So we endure till an hour later :)

Finally its the end of the show and we got a chance to take a photo with Santa, Uncle Reuben and Uncle Mark.

Uncle Reuben, Santa & Uncle Mark

Xmas gift from Boogie Bug

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