Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Green Sheep

After the Boogie Bug Xmas Party, we fly down to Forum the Shopping Mall for The Green Sheep performance :)

"The Green Sheep is based on the delightful picture book "Where is the Green Sheep" by Mem Fox, and performed in a interactive setting inspired by Judy Horacek's stunning illustrations. "The Green Sheep" is a guided experience for babies, toddlers and their families. Three puppeteers and a musician tell the tale about the search for the elusive Green Sheep, introducing many other sheep and wonderful concepts along the way. The audience sits on the floor in a "sheep's pen" as the action takes place around them. The playful setting heightens the excitement for the little ones, allowing them to move around the pen, seeing the sheep up close as they are introduced."

Well its truly an enjoyable performance, wonder why I did not take photo during their performance, think too engrossed with the performance (^^) Even the unhappy-tired Little DinoEgg enjoy it alot.

After the performance the kids can break up into groups; story-telling, play with the musical instruments or see the Green Sheep. Little DinoEgg choose to sit down and listen to the story (I thought he will play with the musical instruments).

But, Where is the Green Sheep?????

Here is the Green Sheep, sound asleep~

Touching the Green Sheep

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