Saturday, November 28, 2009

ION Big Xmas Tree

After the Green Sheep performance and a quick lunch at Mac, we decided to walk to ION to see tt BIG Xmas tree outside at the main entrance.

ION Xmas Tree

Inside the Xmas Tree

Doing his concert dance

The above photo is me trying to take a photo of Little DinoEgg and the pretty deco above but failed hahaha~ Its the 3rd attempt n only this one turns out better, the other 2 were over exposed :P Anyway to quote Ms Noel Chow...

"Using my OWN imagination in tis pix ~ his little fists with 2 little fingers sticking out on each side acts like 'antennas'. E expression on his face is like he is giving off 'power' like tos cartoon characters n e lightings bhind him is e 'power' tt he is giving out...:p"

It was a hot day, the inside of the Xmas Tree feels like suana just barely 10mins after we are inside there. We have to exit in a flash otherwise we will faint inside :S Perhaps next year they can install more ventilation n cooling system inside.

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