Sunday, December 6, 2009

Down with Fever

Last Thursday evening received a call fm Teacher Violet saying that Little DinoEgg is having fever of 38Deg, given them permission to give paracetamol. I knew this was coming coz Little DinoEgg's tongue is red n he keeps rubbing his eyes, poo was abit hard too; this means body is heaty.

During wee hours his temperature went up to 39.9Deg. Daddy stayed up the whole night to monitor his temperature and to feed medicine to Little DinoEgg.

We kept him at home on Friday. As usual, no fever during the day. He can play, watch tv, irritate daddy like he is not sick. However at the wee hours, fever came back high again.

Saturday came n went... Its Sunday n no fever *phew* Maybe this time Heat Monster decided to stay for a couple of days.

We have to skip Emily's baptism, I was a little bit disappointed, really wanted to go as this is our 1st time we attend baptism. Well, health is more important, hopefully we have our chance again :)

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