Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I did not get a good rest since Little DinoEgg's fever last Friday. Daddy is considerate enough to volunteer to take care of Little DinoEgg on the nites so that I can rest as I am working the next day. However, I am a light sleeper, so whenever Daddy come into the room to check on Little DinoEgg I will be awaken.

And this morning, it was worse. The autistic girl staying opposite my block woke up at 2am+ n decided to shout out her window. Her window is facing our bedroom n all thanks to the structure of the blocks, not only the sound travels directly into our bedroom window, it sort of travels with an echo too.

I was rudely awaken with her the 1st time, got a shock, then fell drowsily back to sleep only to be rudely awaken again... this goes on for like 15-20mins and by then my mind is abit active n I was unable to fall back into deep slumber even though the girl have already stopped making any noise.

*Sigh* So today... I could not concentrate at all at work! I was stoned... zombiefied... Lucky the 2 big bosses are not in town, otherwise I would have gotten into trouble.

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