Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gossiping Lunch

Yupe ^^ After the small gathering at Chris' house, we decided to have another one, this time asking Joanne and Renee to join us.

So I "threw" daddy and Little DinoEgg 1 side n went off~ Joanne was kind enough to aloow Joirene and me hitch a ride with her. It started to pour while on the way to town, best part is 3 women in the car and have no idea how to go into Mellenia Walk car park. The down pour did not help coz it blurred the windows with the water thus lowering our vision. I do not drive so I am forgivable kekeke~ the other 2 ladies... hmm... no comments wahahhaa~

Before long, we finally made it to TCC, Chris n Renee+Mark+Issac are already there. Too bad Renee could only stay for like 20mins before rushing off to her next family gathering. Well, bonus point is we get to meet Issac~ this handsome little fella is really a charmer.

Cannot believe that Chris & Joirene realy bought photos to show us! I'd rather not see these photos, too embarassing kekeke~ We had a fun time remembering those school days events while flipping thru them.

Hunger n thirsty finally kicks in so we put the photos away n order our lunch. Then its catching up on each other's current life. Topic stayed on our kids; how to discipline, teach n treat these rascals. We have so much things to talk about n share. Soon time passes very quickly and we have to part. Nevertheless, I believe we shall meet up again!

Thanks for the great time ladies!

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