Friday, December 25, 2009

Ride the Hippo

Me, May & Catherine decided bring the kids for a ride on the Hippo to see the Christmas lighting.

Before the ride, me & Catherine brought the kids to 313@Somerset to take a photo with the Santa ^^ These photos are taken while waiting for Santa to come back from his dinner =.=

After popping by the Ducktour office at Orchard (as above photo) we headed off to Burger King to rest, munch some food n wait for May & Ervin and the time to pass. This is because our tour is starting at 10.30pm n its only 8.30pm! Thank god for fast food restaurant!

As usual, Little DinoEgg starts to monkey around *sigh* Cannot sit still, must make funny faces n fidget etc.

We finally waited till 10.30pm and got on the bus 15mins later. Little DinoEgg is clearly very excited! However when the bus travel fm the colorful Orchard road n turn into the quiet n dark Penang road n travel on Somerset road he got slightly bored. He just sat on the seat n enjoy the breeze n errmmm... street lamps? Why did we travel on this roads? Coz we are trying to get to the other end of Orchard road, where the lights n decorations started. Here are the pictures taken from high up in the Hippo~

It was suppose to be an hour's ride but we hit a traffic jam not long after we turn into Orchard road :(

Look at the traffic!

Little DinoEgg was obviously BORED!

It turned out that traffic police are controlling the traffic. They are letting the cars from the other road turning into Orchard road n stopping the traffic from this side from moving. We thought it will only last like 5mins, but turned out they stopped the traffic for half and hour or so! Someone got impatient n honk, others head n followed suit. In no time drivers are honking in protest~ Well this only enable us to move like 100m before we are stucked again.

By the time we ended the tour its already 12 midnite! Daddy was getting worried n called a few times, but I was too engross in everything to notice the call, plus it was so noisy. We took a train back coz the traffic is still horrandous n not sensible to hop on a cab then. When we reach our town, we took a cab n zoom home, with an exhausted Little DinoEgg.

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