Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Resolution

Its a brand new year, and almost every one have a new year resolution(s). I have never made any new year resolutions coz I know jolly well that I will not be able to keep it. However this year I decided to make one n is going to keep it.

So here goes~ My 2010 New Year Resolutions are~~~~

1. Lesser TV time for Little DinoEgg
2. Earlier bed time for Little DinoEgg

I think I have enough of his ignorant when we are talking to him n his eyes are glued to the box, most of the time not answering us. I am tired of having to scold him early in the morning or rather most morning coz he did not have a good night sleep thus feeling cranky n uncorperative.

So I carried out my resolution plan on Tuesday.

On Tuesday morning while on our way to school I told him that tonite when we get home we will not watch any tv. We will rest a while, bath, read a book or two then drink milk and go to bed. He nodded his head, uncertainly. Well I was feeling kinda uncertain too, whether he will listen to me tonite or I have to endure some tears n whine n cries. Before we reach home I reminded him again on our agreement. Surprisingly when we reached home, Little DinoEgg did not request for the tv as he usually would. He took our his paper and start doodling, toys to play etc. We really went through everything~ best part is, no tears, no begging, no whinning! Nothing! Just an obedient boy doing what he is told. And we enjoyed a short 10mins of quiet reading. So happy for both of us! In bed at 9.30pm~

However, Little DinoEgg makes daddy angry as he refuse to fall asleep immediately. Instead, he tossed n turned, try to make small talk with daddy. An hour later he is still wide awake! Daddy's patient is wearing off, so I took over. A while later he is asleep, perhaps from trying to stay awake for the pass hour.

Come Wednesday n its back to TV time coz we went over to Granny's house after school. A different routine then thus I did not enforce the no TV rule. In fact I do not need to, coz he was busy playing with little nephew Wei Yuan to even miss TV :)

Today, I did the No TV routine again n it went well! It is even a success coz Little DinoEgg fell asleep 15mins after he goes to bed! By 9pm he is already in dreamland!

I am so proud of myself, daddy and Little DinoEgg!

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