Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Whats that you said?

Scenario #1
This morning while changing Little DinoEgg, I saw a mossie bit on his leg n told him that I am going to the aloe vera gel on it. The mossie bite is red n abit swollen. He said ok, then he saw face n said "Mummy, u too, here also have to put aloe vera gel." I laugh out loud, coz he saw the blusher on my face.

Scenario #2
After I bathed Little DinoEgg I sent him to his room where Daddy is waiting for him. While changing Little DinoEgg saw daddy's belt.

Little DinoEgg : Daddy, your belt spoil.
Daddy : Yeah (pretend to sounds sad), how?
Little DinoEgg : Buy new one ok?
Daddy : But daddy don't have money. Can daddy take the money from your spiderman n buy a new belt?
Little DinoEgg : Ok sure~ (almost immediately)

And when he is done putting on his clothes, he ran out, take his spiderman coin bank and wanted to give to daddy. Sweet little boy~~~

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