Monday, January 4, 2010

I want to sleep some more~

First day of school in 2010! Little DinoEgg had a week's break last week except for Wednesday where he went to school. Ytd I had to remind him that he is going to school today. he sounded excited, which is good to hear.

This morning, its a different story =.=

After his milk usually I will let him lie down for 5mins before getting up n wash up. This morning, after the 5mins, he got up and request me to read to him. I told him I will read to him when we get home tonite, now its time to get changed. His replied me "No mummy, read to me now so that I can go back and sleep." Stunned by his reply, it took me 2 secs to recover hahaha~

Me : Why would you want to go back to sleep? Don't you want to go to school?
Little DinoEgg : No
Me : Why? U don't wanna play with your friends?
Little DinoEgg : No
Me : How come? You don't wanna play with Nathan? Or Ethan?
Little DinoEgg : *silence*
Me : How about Darren?
Little DinoEgg : NO! Coz Darren wants to take my purple tree!

OMG! Still harping on the purple tree incident that happened on 11 Dec 2009!

Ok Ok, change strategy.

Me : Alright since you don't wanna play with them, then how about Clara? Or Cheranne?
Little DinoEgg : No cannot! The Water Witch has catched Cheranne away!

*faintz* That happened in October 2009 during the Halloween Party!

Getting a little bit impatient, I told him to get up n switch off the fan or I will do it (this always works), he scrambled to get up from the bed n dashes to the fan. After that he follow me out of the bed room and into his room to get ready for school.

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