Monday, January 4, 2010

Stomach Flu?

At dinner time Little DinoEgg complained of tummyache n headache but we thought maybe he needs to poo and he is tired. However when we are going home, he felt warm, the minute we reached home I took his temperature and its shows 37.4deg... mild fever.

We thought nothing of it, gave him paracetamol n let him laze on the sofa. A while later he requested me to hug him which I did, little did I know that 2 secs later he threw up his dinner on both himself n me :( I thought perhaps the sushi does not agree with his tummy. Later when its his bed time, he threw up his milk just secs after finish drinking it. Then it hits us, he may have stomach flu as that was the same symptons as the last time he got it.

We cleaned up the mess, pacify him abit n managed to make him sleep. It was not a peaceful sleep as he was tossing n turning, occasionally telling Daddy that his tummy pain. I just hope that his fever will not shoot rocket high as and tomorrow he will feel better after seeing the doctor.

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