Saturday, March 13, 2010

Alone in BB class

Well, what do you know! It actually worked!

This morning I told Little DinoEgg that he will have to attend Uncle Reuben's class alone, mummy will wait for him outside. He was reluctant coz I was always with him for the pass year. After much assurance, from the time we leave the house till we reach the class, he was finally convinced.

For the pass 1 hour, I sat outside reading my book (a chance for me to do some catching up on my reading!), occasionally walk to the door n peep through the curtain. Little DinoEgg caught me peeping couple of times, but instead of crying, his eyes light up and gave me a huge smile and a tiny wave.

Feedback fm Reuben (who is incidentally alone today as Mark is not around) is he is able to follow instructions much better! He does stray away a few times but a firm call of his name n he will draw his attention back.

So its settled! When we are back the following term I will leave him in the class :)

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