Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ollie & Slurge Play

Its the day for Ollie & The Slurge, yeah!! But Catherine can't join us coz Charlotte was sick :( So sis & Cousin Farn went with us instead.

It was a good show, me & Little DinoEgg really enjoyed it though there were a lot of talking but there were pupptery n some cool characters, like the toxic infected hermit crab, seagull & skipper fish. There was a part where the monsterous seagull n skipper fish came out fm the back of the theatre and made their way slowly up back to the stage. Of course they wave their claws n wings at the audience. Alot of kids bawl out crying when they saw them, I was afraid Little DinoEgg will too so I assured him many many times tt its jus a pretend monster, not a real one etc.

Even though there was a toxic monster crawling all over the city eating buildings n human, they were able to present it in a lively n funny way so that the kids will not feel scared or worried about kids eating monster "out there". Even the 2 bullies looks cute instead of terror hahaha~ The productions were considerate enough to warn us before the start of the play that there will be dimming of the lights, total darkness and scary monsters through out the play.

At the end of the show there is even a fun song, an Ollie & the Slurge song :) I totally enjoy the whole play!

No photography during the play but take a look at some of the photos by itheatre.

And since its care for our environment, there are some eco bags, pouches, pencil cases etc for sale~ There are all made out from previous productions that itheatre donates to be made into something useful. And I bought a pouch :) the bags were too big for me (^^,)

Cool Right? Too bad they dun have anything bigger, otherwise I will get it for Little DinoEgg's school clothes.

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