Sunday, March 14, 2010

To the Big Play Ground!

After Ollie play we had a date with Chris & her girls at the Big Playground! I had a hard time pursuing sis to go with us. In the end she relent kekeke~ We went back her house to pick up Cousin Han then fly off to Downtown East to meet for Chris for lunch at Burger King! Both things that Little DinoEgg love the most!

This is the 3rd time Little DinoEgg is at the Big Playground, but he still need help from Eve or Jann to climb up some of the frames. As usual Eve is such a good jie-jie, she automatically follow him every where Little DinoEgg run without Chris telling her to do so. However Little DinoEgg is fast on his feet, the minute she saw him with her, the next he was gone! She had a hard time looking for her. In the end I told her to go ahead n play, no need to bother about him as I saw tt he is able to climb up n down on his own.

And can you believe kids are really amazing! Cousin Farn meet up with the girls for the 1st time but all 3 of them are chasing each other, climbing up n down etc like they know each other for a long time. And there are some very nice n friendly older kids too, when they saw Little DinoEgg has difficulty climbing up the frames, they helped him; either by carrying him up, pulling him at the armpit or pushing him up on the butt :P

We stayed there for couple of hours and head off to take a ride at the Ferris Wheel, a compliment ride from Big Playgound :)

I did not take any photos coz forgot to bring my camera :( However I happen to found 2 photos I took of Little DinoEgg with a picture he drew of the Big Playground after his 1st visit.

The yellow part is the spiral slide, the pink part is the other near 90deg slide, the rest are his perception of the Big Playround, with its tunnels n everything.

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