Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alone at last!

This morning went into Little DinoEgg's room n found him sleeping soundly on bed, not on the floor :P Thinking to myself at least not on the floor on his 1st night alone on a bed.

Later today daddy told me tt he was told by grandfather that Little DinoEgg woke up at 3am+ went into their room (which is opposite his room) looking for us. He woke grandfather up who ask him to go back to sleep, he ask him "why pa-pa did not take care of me?" then reluctantly went back to his room. 4am+ he woke up again, took his chou-chou aka bolster and proceed to sleep on the sofa. Grandfather woke him up and ask him to go back to his room.

So this explains the reason why Little DinoEgg couldn't open his eyes when I went in to wake him up at 6.30am. This little fella has been awake since 3am!

However I am still very proud of him to spend half the night (technically speaking) alone in his new bed n room. Finally, we can claim our bed back! YEAH!

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