Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Own Room

We decided to move the study table out n give the room back to Little DinoEgg. So daddy started to move things out from the room, when we reached home after dinner Little DinoEgg was very curious with the moving. Daddy told him that the "diaper room" as we always call it will become his room. He was jumping with joy and went YEAH!!! He was so happy that he actually wanted to sleep in the room ytd night. Daddy told him that he has to clean up the room before it is ok for him to sleep. Little DinoEgg was disappointed and kept asking why why why.

So today daddy kept on working on his room, moved all the "rubbish" out of the room and move all his toys etc in. By the time we are home the "diaper room" officially became Little DinoEgg's room.

Little DinoEgg was clearly happy n excited with the new room. He went to play in his room, took out the excavator and started digging. He was still not settled even after his bath n milk, took him longer then usual to fall asleep, kept talking to daddy who is accompanying him. Finally after about 30mins, he falls asleep.

Oh we are not showing his room yet kekeke~ Still have a few things to tidy up n decorate before its 100% perfect.

So stay tuned~~ Will post the pictures up once everything is ready.

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