Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Got "lost" in a store

Went to HomeFix after dinner to look for some stuffs. Barely 5mins into the shop Little DinoEgg decides that he wants to "shop on his own", he was wandering near me then decides to walk away from me. Of coz I watched him like a hawk, the second he took a step away from me, I turned and called his name. Instead of stopping or walking back towards me, he took a look at me AND continue walking away.

By the time I reach the shelf where he disappeared to, he was no place to be found. Keeping calm to myself, I strolled out of the shop and stood in front of it... waiting...

2 mins later I caught glimpse of him walking around searching for me but he disappeared into the rolls of shelves again. 30 secs later 1 of the shop assistant was holding on to his hand and walking towards the household section; the last place he saw me. I walked towards them, Little DinoEgg saw me, no running up to me, instead he stared at me with scared eyes and still holding on to the shop assistant's hand.

Me : Hi! Thanks~
Shop Assistant : No problem *smile*
Me (looking down to Little DinoEgg : This will teach u a lesson, to think twice before you decides to wander off again.
Little DinoEgg : ... ... (he can only managed a small nod)
Me : What must you say to uncle?
Little DinoEgg : Thank you uncle.
Shop Assistant : No trouble at all. He described to me that his mummy wears a green top, but I brought him over to a wrong mummy hahaa~
Me : Oh~ well, thanks again *smile*

With that I lead Little DinoEgg out of the store, walked to a corner to talk to him. I made him understand that its dangerous to wander off on his own, he get the idea, I think. One thing is for sure, he will be sticking close to me for our next shopping trip.

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