Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Me : Baby, today is Daddy's birthday, when daddy wakes up later u give him a hug n say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him ok?
Little DinoEgg : OK!
Me : Later after your class, we are going to buy a cake for daddy.
*Little DinoEgg's eyes brighten up n keeps nodding his head*
Me : BUT its going to be our secret ok?? U cannot tell daddy, its going to be a SURPRISE!
Little DinoEgg : Ok ok! Its a secret, I will not tell daddy ssshhh~~~~ We will buy cake and surprise daddy ok??"

After a while daddy woke up, first thing Little DinoEgg shout out is "Daddy, we are going to get a ca-" and was shushed by me =.= Quickly ask him to give daddy a hug n kiss n say Happy Birthday. Too bad, daddy already heard what he said n asked about it :S So... I have to let the "secret" out...

Little DinoEgg chose the cake

We sang the birthday song

Daddy blow out the candle

and cut the cake

The cake was brought from Canelé Patisserie Chocolaterie at Paragon, a very posh looking cafe. There are only 5-6 types of cakes to choose from and Little DinoEgg took a liking to the HUGE strawberries on top of the Strawberry Shortcake. For a small square cake it does not come cheap, but it was very delicious. There were cream but not too much, a pinch of coconut on top of the cake. The strawberries are fresh n crunchy though they were sour, however if u eat it together with the cake it does not taste too sour. Come to think of it, the cake taste real good if its accompanied by a cup of espresso.

Later that night, we head off to Mad Jack Cafe for a yummy dinner. As usual the place is packed, and today there is a group of pple celebrating something. Their loud voices and laughter makes it abit unbearable for us. Lucky for us they went off about 10mins later.

3 menus for 3 of us, yupe Little DinoEgg too. He flipped through the menu, look at the pictures and decided to have spagetti bolognese :) Daddy had ribeye and I had grilled fish in lemon sauce. Not sure whether its coz its a set dinner tt comes with soup n drinks, the steak portion seems to have shrink... I requested for more sauce for the spagetti and the dish came covered full with the sauce, tt was unexpected. An hour later, we left the place with full stomach and just in time too coz another big group of pple just came in....

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