Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pork Ribs+Bitter Gourd soup

Decided to cook lunch this afternoon so on Thursday I went to the supermarket to buy some veggies. I bought this beautiful green bitter gourd, feel so happy coz I went to the supermarket after work, by then all the good stuffs would have been gone. Anyway I forgot to put it in the fridge and the next morning its half yellow!!!! I was so sad n angry with myself :(

So I woke up at 5.30am to start the day. At 6.45am, the pork ribs are out from the freezer waiting for it to defrost. I cut & deseed the bitter gourd and soak them in salt water. Half an hour later, I threw the defrost pork ribs into water to boil for a while, this will get rid of the oil, blood etc. It will not make the soup too oily :) Then in they went to a big pot for boiling, another half an hour or so in goes the bitter gourd.

I was contemplating whether to put half or whole bitter gourd, then decides to put all since I will not be cooking during weekdays, it will probably turn spoil eventually. Threw in the bitter gourd and crossing my fingers tt the soup will not turn out toooo bitter, especially for Little DinoEgg.

After that we got ready and went out for the drama class.

Daddy do 2nd half of the cooking, there were some left over rice & veggies. So he fried the rice, heat up the cabbage & the fish, VIOLA~ a home cooked lunch for all. Well the bitter gourd soup turn out to be a little bit bitter but it tastes ok for me, but daddy say its very bitter :( I was disappointed coz this soup is mainly meant for Little DinoEgg as its cooling which helps cool his heaty body. Surprising Little DinoEgg love the soup! He did not find it too bitter, he even eat the bitter gourds! YEAH!

Therefore all is not lost, eventually my goal was met, cooling bitter gourd soup for my darling son.

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