Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Frantic afternoon

Remember my pot of veggie soup? Wanted to prepare a quick lunch as Little DinoEgg will be tired n sleep by the time the class ends, so thought of cooking noodles to go with the soup, easy right? 5mins for boiling the noodles n heating up the soup and a lunch is ready! But alas! Forgot that we do not have any more noodles at home *faint* Thus, instead of heading home we have to head to the Cold Storage at the neighbourhood mall to get a pack of noodles.

Bad decision! It was peak hours! There were so many people in the supermarket, have problem walking along the aisles without having to squeeze through, its double difficult with Little DinoEgg in tow coz NO ONE see this little fella! Everyone seems to be walking into him! Whats wrong with people??? They just dun see where they are walking! GGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

Managed to made our way to the noodle section and grabbed the one we want then headed off to the express check out counter. Its EXPRESS but then the queue is so long! I have to keep in line, stop Little DinoEgg fm opening the drinks fridges that are besides the counter, stop him fm standing on the metal guard that are in front of the fridges and answer all his endless questions about everything. When it was finally our turn, I was so relieved. Little DinoEgg was standing on the metal guard (ignoring me obviously) and leaning onto the counter. I told him sternly to "Get down!", took my eyes off him for a sec n he disappeared from sight when I looked up. I thought he had ran off some where,I was ready to explode when I found him.... not far away, just beside me... apparently he got down n fell... and sat onto the basket of lady next in line!!! I almost burst out laughing but I controlled myself, you would have laughed too when u see a 4yr old with his butt in a basket n feet dangling outside n trying his very hard to get up.

I got a shocked when I helped him up... he sat on a loaf of bread and some green veggies... I kept apologising to the lady but could help laughing inside, I know I am being rude but seeing the lady trying to "fluff" up the flattened bread just adds on to it. I quickly made my exit by scolding Little DinoEgg and making him apologise to the lady. We are lucky she did not scold us, instead she smiled and said "its ok", I guess she was more worried about her flatten bread n veggies...

A mad squeeze fm Cold Storage to the taxi stand with a very hungry 4yr old to find out that the queue is long and not a single taxi at sight! I relent... gave the 2 sushi to Little DinoEgg (Bought it while on the way out of Cold Storage to curb his hunger for a while), the decided to have our lunch at Ajisen.

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