Saturday, May 8, 2010

While on the way to his drama class (in a slow jam, late for class - again), I asked Little DinoEgg whether he would like to see Uncle Reuben & Uncle Mark. I was thinking to try to make time to go for ToyBox performance in the National Museum Children's Season on 23 May'10. His eyes light up, replied Yes! Then I asked further;

Me : Do you like Teacher Paula's class or Uncle Mark's class?
Little DinoEgg : Teacher Paula.
Me : Are you sure?
*He quickly shakes his head*
Little DinoEgg : No No, I like Uncle Mark's class!! I will listen to instructions!

I am surprised that he remember the reason he has to leave Boogie Bug class after 2mths. So I guess we are going back to Boogie Bug next term.

After today's drama class I had a chat with Ms Paula (as I sometimes do after class), she said Little DinoEgg has improved alot, he can follow the group, sing the songs etc but still need to "be reminded to join" once in a while. And apart from the distractions by 2 of his classmates who were crying non stop and being very uncooperative, he's got his attention on the class.

And so, this sets my mind, we are going back to Boogie Bug next term, hopefully we are able to get a place in the class. Have to contact Reuben soon.

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