Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mixed veggie soup

My actual plan was to do a carrot, celery & white onion soup for breakfast, dipped bread in the soup to enjoy. However, a greedy me threw in broccoli and potato too, thus ended up with a HUGE pot of veggie soup hahah! Changed of plan, soup shall be for lunch instead!

Anyway, still feeling abit of "empty" coz of the missing soup+bread (which I have already brought), I decided to still go ahead and cook my soup to enjoy with the bread. And so I took a portion of the veggie fm the HUGE pot of veggie soup n got working with my Philips hand blender. Here is the result which I am quite satisfy with, though I should have add more soup to make it more soupy rather then abit puree. Nevertheless, Little DinoEgg enjoy it, with out the bread *sad* while I was happily dipping my bread in the hot soup n enjoy every bit of it; bread+soup.

Carrot, white onion, broccoli, potato & celery soup

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