Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garden Theme Birthday Party

Finally, we reached Chris & Steve's house, almost lost our way coz the taxi uncle does not know where the place is *phew* And lucky we met Steve at the lobby otherwise we would not have know which way to go that leads to their block. Reached their house and the girl's classmates are already there~

Oh, on our way in, saw this at the bottom of kitchen door;

hahaha~~ I don't think Snowy is spoilt n rotten (^^,)

Little DinoEgg gave Eve the bookmark

The kids sat around the table doing some art n craft things while waiting for the food to be ready. I have no idea what it is, something fm IKEA.... I am clearly very outdated :(

The "flower" and the "leaves" in the garden

Daddy bullying Little DinoEgg

Jann performed a solo piece for all to enjoy~ She was very nervous about it and really sigh when she finished. Well done Jann!

After all the food, its time for some singing~ Eve n Jann went downstairs to the KTV room with their friends to sing their hearts out while we; the adults, stay back finishing or try to finish all the food. We had a good time chatting too~ After that we joined the kids at the KTV room as they will have the cake cutting over there.

Look at the girls enjoying the singing and still doing the IKEA thingy. What is Little DinoEgg doing????

And then the girls decided to play hide n seek in that SMALL KTV room =.= Girls being girls, they like to scream... and so they scream in excitement, scream when they are found and scream even more when some one suddenly says "dun hide there, the cockroach will come out!!!" Thus more screaming n running n screaming n running... and then I have a splitting headache.... but its ok, the kids enjoy themselves to the MAX. Even Little DinoEgg, who had much fun exposing the girls' hiding places hahaha~

Then its cake cutting time~~~

Such a sweet cake~

Jann making her wish (wonder what it will be)

Group photo

We had a wonderful time at the party, though not every one came in their garden clothes :) Thanks for inviting us Steve, Chris, Eve & Jann!

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