Friday, June 4, 2010

Meet the Transformers!

Its the start of the June school holidays and the malls are having some performances. Transformers performance starts yesterday through the weekend, I decided to bring Little DinoEgg today instead of the weekend coz I really dun have feel like squeezing with the people.

So I took 1/2 day leave n went to fetch Little DinoEgg from his school. I have told the teachers not to let him take his nap otherwise it will be to disruptive should I pull him out of his nap. When I reached the school, took peep at the gate n I started to laugh~ There he is, standing by the door, 1 hand holding his black Batman bag and other hand holding the gate, his nose against the gate n staring at something outside n day dreaming haha~ When i called out to him, his eyes immediately light up and smile at me~~ so heart warming!

Well, we headed off to granny's place to change n dump his school bag then flew out to Plaza Singapura 2 hours before the show time. Very KS right? But I need to spend $30 in order to exchange for a Meet & Greet pass~ I got my $30 receipt before I head off to fetch Little DinoEgg so only left with getting my hands on the PASS! By hook or by crook I shall get one for Little DinoEgg~!

The official time to queue for the pass starts at 3pm but we were ther at 2.30pm, half an hour early. I panicked! Was so afraid that there is already a queue forming, you dun know jus how KS some parents can be! However when I reached the information counter, no queue hahaha! Then I got kinda stuck, wha am I suppose to do with the remaining 30mins before the official queue time starts???? So~~~ I decided to let Little DinoEgg do this... which cost me $10...


And so I accompanied Little DinoEgg while he fill the birthday cake with all the available colors there is, ok ok MOST of the colors. I kept 1 eye at the information counter, lest a queue starts to form without my notice. At 3.05pm (I have to pretend NOT to be KS haha) I casually walked over to the information counter and TA-DAR~~~~


So 4pm came and we are in front of the stage. It was kinda disappointing coz the fenced off area is so small! I have to let Little DinoEgg go in alone, lucky he is ok with it, I never an issue with him to do things by himself (^^,). I stand behind him outside the fence keep an watchful eye on him. The stage is sooo tall! I do not think the kids will be able to see anything unless they stand up, especially those younger n shorter ones. And true enough when the Transformers come out, almost all the kids stood up to wow~ n yeah~~ them.

Anyway, honestly... personally... frankly... I think the performance SUX! The worst performance i ever watched since I started mall hopping to watch such performances.



And this is what I get back for my $30 (which make up of a FOX bucket hat & pants), beautiful memory!


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