Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Serves him right!"

Just received a call from Teacher Sue about Little DinoEgg. I thought he had misbehaved and bully his friends again. Turn out that its him this time... he fell and injured his upper lip.

And did he fell? No one pushed him or bumped into him. He made himself fall =.= He was sitting down, bend his knees n pulled his shirt to cover them. Before Teacher Lili can go up to him to pull up the shirt, he stood up. Guess he forgot about the shirt, it pulled him off balance n thus he kissed the floor.

"Serves him right!" I told Teacher Sue & daddy. I have been telling/scolding him about this, all fall to deaf ears!!! I was pretty upset with it. Now that this has happened, I can guarantee that he will never ever do it again.

Tell him in the nice way or harsh tone he ignore me completely and so he learnt it the painful way.

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