Sunday, May 2, 2010

Machine Gun!

I am feeling vexed n frustrated! Despite the fact that he just recover from high fever this morning, he has endless energy and its getting into my nerves!

Mummy, where is Fireman Sam?
Mummy, why the Fireman Sam with beard is not in the fire engine?
Mummy, why they go to sleep?
Mummy, where did pooh go?
Mummy, later he will jump into the water and splash him right?
Mummy, I want to watch Diego. (Me : Today no Diego) Why? Why Mummy? Why today no Diego?

I have told him to keep quiet and watch the tv but only able to keep him quiet for 30secs before he starts it all over again.

And when I did not reply him, I will get "Right mummy right? Mummy, right or not? Mummy, right?"

Even when he is drawing, practicing writing, reading books by himself he will talk non stop. Whole Day! And its giving me a bad headache. Until I couldn't stand it any more and told him to play in his room. Even this can sets him jumping for joy, shouting "I can play in my room! I can play in my room! I can play in my room!" With that I left the room for some peace and quiet plus some tv. I told daddy that Little DinoEgg is giving me a headache with all his talking, he say "its alright, he is just chatty." Arrggghhhh!!! Too much too much! Next time let him sit beside him and get a taste of that.

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