Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Routine

After 3 yrs, starting from today (I hope), daddy will be sending Little DinoEgg to school!

I woke up same time this morning, coz I want to wash Little DinoEgg's school uniform (he only have 4 sets, not enough to go around as 2 sets per day), had my breakfast at home hehehe~ Little DinoEgg woke up at his usual time, he asks for milk AND tv *faintz* He thought its weekend as I did not wake him up as usual. I told him we are not going to watch tv as its not weekend and he has to go to school. Then reminded him that today daddy is going to bring him to school, not convinced he whispered "Daddy is still sleeping." I asked him to go out of the room n see, and true enough daddy is sitting at the study table.

After that we go about getting ourselves ready to leave the house. By 7.30am we are out :) I told Little DinoEgg while outside the house that daddy is bringing him to school while I will be going off to work. He look sad but said ok. When we are at lift lobby, I bid him goodbye, he look at me sadly then follow daddy, keep looking back at me. Then I told him to give me a hug and kiss (something we do daily before he steps into school), he hugged me so tight then started to sob. I reassure him that I will see him tonight and off he went with daddy but came looking for me again. His sad eyes makes me feel sad too. Therefore I told him that I will accompany him & daddy to wait for taxi. When the taxi came, he climbed up reluctantly and wave good bye to me.

I called daddy about half an hour ago to check if Little DinoEgg gave him any tantrums or trouble. He told me he was ok, told him that he wants daddy to bring him to school every day. *hhmmpphhh* Change of heart at a blink of eyes =.=

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