Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shorts & Bolster

It amazes me how 1 pair of shorts and a bolster can create so much fun for a 4 year old.

We were playing in the room with the toy piano, tickling game etc he got so excited and grabbed my bolster. Looked at me and say "Mummy, ride this like a horse ok?" then proceed to sit on my bolster n go Yeehaaa!!! bouncing up and down. A few times he toppled backwards and once he hit his head on the wall (despite my warning not to bounce too close to it), a couple of times he fell off the "horse" and couldn't get up as he was laughing so hard.

In no time he was perspiring, so I asked him to take off his shorts. Being high in energy, he took off his shorts n start swinging it. Put it on his head pretend its a captain's hat and shout "Yo Ho Ho! I'm a Pirate! AArrrggghhh!!!" or its a cowboy hat "I'm a cowboy, YEEHAAAA!!" then jump up and down, and when the "hat" falls down, he will pick it up n slap it back on his head again.

It goes on for like 10mins, only stops when he was tired from all those jumping.

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