Thursday, May 6, 2010

No Diaper No Wet Bed too!

It slipped my mind totally! And tonite Little DinoEgg went to sleep with only his underwear. He was looked lost when I told him that I have forgotten to buy diapers, but I told him that he can sleep in his underwear.

When its his bedtime, I reminded him that he is wearing underwear only and if he need to pee he has to wake me up to go to the toilet together. With a nod of his head, he went to bed. Me and daddy was thinking that its going to be a sleepless nite for us as we have to try to wake him up around 1-2am to visit the toilet. OR he will wake up on a wet n smelly bed next morning.

We decided to sleep late and to wake Little DinoEgg up for toilet visit before we hit the sack.

Surprisingly, at 12.30am, Little DinoEgg came out of his room saying that he needs to visit the toilet! We were relieved! Coz can go to bed soon after haha~

I guess Little DinoEgg has grown up and able to control his bladder. Of course the pass few nites of try-outs helped too. I told him to try to wake up in the middle of the nite to visit the toilet and wake up with a dry diaper. Of course its always wet n full diaper the next day. On days where the diaper is not full, he will insist that its dry. Not to discourage him, I told him its a bit wet but he is doing very well and we shall try again tonite.

On the other hand, is it becoz he know that there are no more diapers so he could no longer rely on it at night, therefore he made a mental note to wake up? I was relating to DTP (Ditch the Pacifier). He finally got rid of the habit when he threw it away himself.

If thats the case, should I buy diapers tonite?

BTW, he woke up to a dry underwear and bed ^^, Good job son!

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