Thursday, May 6, 2010

of Mary & Tracy

With my new routine, though I am waking up at the same time but I do not feel tired or sleepy while on train. Maybe its coz I have time to wake myself up 100% while preparing things for Little DinoEgg and myself. Ytd while sitting on train, I saw many of the commuters reading, either a book, daily bread, newspaper or magazine and suddenly I wish I have Mary in my hand right at that moment. Thus today, I threw Mary into my bag n off I went to work.

It was a rewarding 25mins train ride. Was reading Extroverts & Introverts, n Mary wrote this "Extroverts talk their way through movies, tv shows & newspaper." So true! Remember my meltdown last Sunday? Gosh! Then when I access my own characteristic, I am an Extrovert too. No wonder I feel so tired n drained if I am with him whole day.

BTW, on that meltdown day, after I sent Little DinoEgg to play in his room, I was resting on the sofa trying to get my brain back *hahaha* n happen to see Tracy under the coffee table. So I took her out and start flipping through the pages, came upon the part where she was introducing different characteristics of babies, One of the category is Spirited Baby *grinz*, I went on to read about the characteristics and it says the same thing as Mary, though Tracy's version is a general description tt includes both introverts & extroverts while Mary went more in depth.

Thanks to Tracy, I saw the early Spirited signs in Little DinoEgg and further thanks to Nic who intro Mary to me. These have helped me alot in dealing with Little DinoEgg through the stages of his growing up days.

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