Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mad dash for birthday pressies Part 1

When I see Little DinoEgg after his drama class, I told him that we are going for lunch then proceed with buying Eve & Jann's birthday pressies. Asked him if he is ok with that or he wants to go home n sleep. He is too excited to want to go home when he hear the word "Birthday presents". He simply loves birthdays!

We went to Coffee Beans for pasta as requested by Little DinoEgg. We shared a plate of kids size Mushroom & Chicken Fusilli. Little DinoEgg refuse to eat the chicken which he used to eat it without any fuss. He said "This chicken not nice." He probably thought its the same dish that I cooked last week.... I made him try a small piece and he immediately spit it out. I was not happy but after I took a bite on the chicken, I forgave him haha~ coz the chicken is REALLY tough.

We made a dash to Kinokuniya to get the pressies. I left Little DinoEgg in front of the Eric Carle book shelves n went off to hunt for Eve's book. Chris text me the book name "Percy Jackson Battle of the Labyrinth, demigod files. I show it to the Kinokuniya sales girl and she led me to a huge piles of Percy Jackson books. She show me 1 book "Battle of the Labyrinth", I thought, ok so this one settled. Then she proceed to show me another 2 books; Percy Jackson and Demigod files. HELLO! Isn't it suppose to be ONE BOOK??? OMG! After staring at the 3 books, I decided to get book that says "Battle of the Labyrinth".

Next we went to hunt for Jann;s writing set. At first I was puzzled, how does a writing set look like? Then I remembered Chris told me the letter incident with Jann and that gives me the idea. There are so many letter set, I was so tempted to buy some for myself :( I took out a few sweet n cute designs, couldn't decide which to get, so I asked Little DinoEgg. He really took a min to go hhhmmmm.... and look carefully at each design, then he made his decision :)

Then I have to look for some girly wrappers or something for the pressies. Walked round n round the stationery section and couldn't decide. By this time, Little DinoEgg is already very cranky... imagine him sitting down on the floor 1 minute and the next he peeping at the bottom of the bookshelf staring at the wheels *faintz* A group of teenagers walked passed us n I overheard 1 of them commenting to her friends "I thought the boy fell asleep on the floor!" I did not reprimand him coz I know its time for his nap n he really really need it. The only thing I can do is to quickly settle my stuffs n leave for home.

Here are the pressies with the gift wrappers etc

I hope the girls like the pressie, if they dun like, then then then... blame it on their mother wahahhaa~

Note : Never ever try the stunt again to rush for things with a tired (but fulled stomached) child. Every instructions have to repeat at least 2 times before a respond is given.

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