Friday, May 21, 2010

Shopping Loots

Its D-Day! Shopping Day! Marked this day 2 weeks ago, a destressing shopping trip for Chris after being cooped up at home stressing over her 2 girls' exams.

See how stressed-up she is

Our expensive yucky lunch at C.Nai HongKong Cafe

A super tough pork chop+rice

Yucky wanton noodle

Its been a long time since I stepped foot in Far East Plaza, and WOW! so much changes! The level 1 (or is it basement) has become so funky, with stuffs for the young and the young at heart. We had a good time going to most of the shops. We were awed by the sight of a big boobs mannequin in the swim wear shop. Both of us were giggling like little girls as it was such a funny sight, especially when it is placed with a "regular-sized" boobs mannequin. Chris say she is going to tell Steve tonite, I told her to tell Steve "imagine Pamela Anderson" hahahah~

We took our time shopping, trying out clothes, shoes etc. Its a weekday so there are NO CROWD! However, the minute we commented on that, which ever shop we stepped in, people will starts to follow. And we have no idea where did these people comes from as it was quiet on the corridor with a handful of shoppers only. And the shops are usually very small n cramped with racks of clothes, it is really very uncomfortable having to squeeze n fight with others :(

3hours later, we emerged fm the shopping centre with loots~ This is the 1st time after 4yrs (or more) that I actually go shopping and bought so many stuffs! Well, did they say retail therapy is good? They are right! hahaha~

My loots!

I always have a soft spot for belts, just that I do not like (or dun bother) to dress up thus my belts end up in my closet ^^ I hope I have the chance of using these belts.

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