Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Dandelion's Story

THE DANDELION’S STORY – “Nothing God made is useless” Modl Theatre (Korea)
Recommended for Age 3 and above

Modl Theatre’s lively and colourful presentation of Jung-Saeng Kwon’s children’s fairy tale best-seller has the unlikely theme of a doggy-poo that everyone rejects as disgusting, but who is finally welcomed by a dandelion seed to enable it to bloom, is brought to life with boundless charm and great visual appeal by the talented, young cast.

Delightfully costumed, these endearing characters’ movement and dance, inter-woven with comic action catchy tunes, maintain the pace under Jung-Sook Kim’s tight direction. Brown furry-clad Yoo-Sin Seol delights as cute Doggy-poo, sadly rejected by Clod of Earth, a large Sparrow, and a Mother Hen and her chicks. But borne by the Spring Wind, Dandelion Seed proves Doggy-poo is useful after all, as she bursts out of rain-washed poo into glorious yellow blossom.

Modl Theatre triumphs with this very joyful piece with all-age appeal.

Synopsis taken from iTheatre website.


I must say, the costumes n props are really very brilliant and grand. The casts are very lively, there were laughter throughout the whole play. The play started with a white puppy who has an urge to poop. The doggy's cute n exaggerated expression when he goes around looking for a place to poo makes everyone laugh. Even the old grandfather looks cute though he is very old n walks very slow. They speaks with a Korean accent (not sure whether its deliberately or not), nevertheless the words are clear n loud for all to understand.

Little DinoEgg enjoy the play too, though as always he has tons of questions. I just have to be patient n quiet to explain in a whisper to him. He understand the show, can tell me "mummy the doggy poo-poo is very smelly! And nobody like him right? And he so sad..." The only part he is confused is the ending, where the dandelion seed embraces the doggy poo and did a dance where the doggy poo cling onto the dandelion seed n sort of twirl ard the seed. He keep asking me what happened, why the doggy poo like this etc etc. When the yellow dandelion flower come out, he was even more confused hahaha~

Little DinoEgg learn a new word from this play; manure :D The Dirt told the Doggy poo that he is a ma-nure~ I thought Little DinoEgg did not hear this word but he immediately ask me what is this word. Wow~ talking about paying attention.

We watch this play at the National Museum theatre, first time been there and sad to say experience is not good. There are no raised stage, the play was act out on the floor in a small area quite near to the 1st row of seats. We are seated at row 6 and when the acting goes quite near to the 1st row we cannot see. Little DinoEgg stood up on his seat just to see what doggy poo is doing, gave me a shock! Coz he could have loss his balance, fell n hit the seats :( And the seats are uncomfy too, seat covering are those scratchy type, not those velvet or whatever u call that which u will see on the cinema seats.

Hopefully they will change the venue for next year's performances.

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