Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cream of mushroom Fusilli

We had to go for The Dandelion show later so I decided to made a quick lunch then leave the house. I bought some fresh mushrooms and a new bottle of cream sauce from Carrefour ytd. I set to work.

Put the fusili & the chicken breast meat to boil (separate pot), cut the mushrooms, throw the cream sauce in pan, throw in mushrooms. throw in the small pieces of chicken meat n cook for awhile. Then pour sauce over the fusili n viola~

Me : Baby, the pasta yummy or not?
Little DinoEgg : (show me a big smile n a thumbs up) YUMMY~~~
Me : (very happy) Really? Is it really very yummy?
Little Dinoegg : (thinking for a while) hmm.... a little bit not nice (show me how little with his index finger n thumb)
*Me fainted LOL
Me : What is not nice?
Little DinoEgg : The chicken is a little bit not nice *smile*

OH! Well I had a feeling earlier that I may have slightly over cooked the chicken, guess Little DinoEgg confirmed my suspicion hehehehe~~ Anyway I allowed him to put the chicken meat aside after eating a few pieces. He finished half of the fusilli, I gave him a big plate so its ok if he is unable to finish all.

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