Saturday, May 15, 2010

Borrowed my 1st book

Our first trip to Bishan library, its so big~ with few floors, not like the SK Library, only 1 floor of books. The kids section is down in the basement, out of sight, which is good as it sort of block out the noise made by excited kids.

We were there for an hour (I think), Eve n Jann went to hunt for their books to borrow and read while me, Little DinoEgg and Chris laze on the sofa. Then Little DinoEgg gets cranky again so I have to entertain him with books. Since this is the 1st time we are at the library, I have no idea where are the books for his age, just anyhow grabbed some books n read to him. That kept him occupied for a while. However when Eve comes back to the sofa, he went to pester her, keeps grabbing her books to see though he couldn't understand a single word.

We chance upon this book while walking through the shelves finding books to read. We watch the show in JimJam channel n Little DinoEgg likes the Dragon. After reading it once to him, I asked if he would like to borrow it so that daddy (lol) can read to him tonite.

So this is the 1st book he borrowed using his own library card; Dragon's Fat Cat by Dav Pilkey.

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