Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lunch at Hatched

2 weeks ago, Chris date me to have some good food and coffee at Hatched, a place she just heard of and wanted to visit. She show me their FB page and their food look so yummy~

We have to wait for a while to get out table coz its FULL HOUSE! Its 12.30pm and still every one are enjoying their food n yakking, not wanting to leave. Well, they may find it comfy but its a tact too noisy for me. Too much chattering n cluttering.

Menu on the wall

3 happy kids

Popeye's Saluate

Forgot the dish's name

Sausage Platter

Kids enjoying their food

The mummies too~

Our sausages (2 chicken, 2 pork & 1 beef+pork) are very yummy, I think daddy will love them alot. I love the mustard+something sauce, it taste abit spicy n sour, very nice. Goes well with the sausages. Little DinoEgg love them sausages too, but the "skin" is a bit tough for his tiny teeth, he kept chewing n chewing but unable to swallow, instead he spit it out :( I have to cut the "skin" away n gave him the meat instead.

And finally, Little DinoEgg starts to act up :( Wanted to take more photos of the kids but he refuse to show us his face.

A very uncooperative boy

Lucky it was time to leave and we are off to Bishan Library for some books and much needed air con kekeke~ its so warm!

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