Friday, May 14, 2010

School Excursion

The school is bringing the kids to the Science Centre! Little DinoEgg is very excited but I am not sure whether he knows what or where is that place. Unless, of course the teachers talk about the Science Centre ytd. He almost could not go coz he was late... daddy couldn't get a cab after waiting for 35mins, school called me to ask if he is going since I have already paid for the fees. He made it just at the nick of time, no breakfast though, only have time to visit the toilet before hopping up the bus n head off to the Science Centre.

This morning before I leave the house, I told him that he will tell me all about his trip to the Science Centre when I see him tonight.

So, instead of the usual bed time story, we laid down on the bed and he told me all about his exciting trip earlier.

"We saw the beaver movie! Lying down! The beaver cut down the trees and bring it to the river to stop the water. Then they use the tail to hit hit hit the thing (I've got no idea what the "thing" is). And we lie down to watch the beaver movie!

We see the fire, then we pull pull the thing and then the fire no more! (No idea what is this too haha!)

Then we see the dinosaur (or was it a robot?? tired..) with red eyes, when we press the button the eyes turn green.

We saw the T-rex too! It has got strips n roar like a tiger! (???)"

Of all the above I only know they went to the Omni-Theatre for the movie about Beaver. Come to think of it, its been like 20+ yrs since I last stepped in Science Centre. Perhaps I should visit it again in near future.

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