Monday, May 10, 2010

Wet bed again

I guess he had too much fun great granny's house and took alot of water. Little DinoEgg knocked out at night and couldn't wake up to visit the toilet. However he went to the toilet 1st thing when he woke up. At first I thought he is able to hold his pee till morning since his shirt n underwear are dry, but when I checked the bed, I saw pee-stain. The fan has managed to dry the pee on his shirt and underwear.

I showed Little DinoEgg the pee-stained area, told him that he wet the bed but did not reprimand or shamed him. Just let him know and told him that he was probably too tired to wake up to go to the toilet. Encourage him to try to remember to wake up tonight if he needs to visit the toilet.

Anyway its the 2nd time since he started to go diaperless over night 2 months ago so I am not worried.

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