Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I am Sorry!

A phone call from Teacher Sue almost cause me a major heart attack!

Heart Attack#1
According to the incident as told by Little DinoEgg & Darren. It was playtime, as usual Little DinoEgg plays with the LEGO. Darren was with him n took a LEGO piece, Little DinoEgg got angry coz "he snatched his LEGO", which obviously Darren was not. He went up to Darren and grabbed his face in his hands n SQUEEZEEEEEEEE, thus leaving fingernail marks n broken skin at 1 side of his face.

Heart Attack#2
After reprimanding and reasoning and talking to Little DinoEgg, Teacher Sue send him out of the office as every one was queuing up to wash hands and get ready for the next class. Barely 5mins after that, auntie bring him and a crying Jiayi (Think that his name, according to Little DinoEgg), told Teacher Sue that Little DinoEgg was strangling him!

Over the phone, Teacher Sue told me that when she confront Little DinoEgg, he cried loudly as if he is the victim (as usual...), after both of them calmed down, she ask the boys again and both of them gave the same story; both were playing with LEGO, Darren wanted a piece of LEGO that is in the box but Little DinoEgg got upset. He always think that LEGO belongs to him only n he would not share. As for the strangling part, no one knows exactly what happened.

There n then I told Teacher Sue that it seems that Little DinoEgg always have problem sharing LEGO with friends. He does not understand that it belongs to the school and not to him. So I told Teacher Sue that he will not have a chance to play with the LEGO for the rest of the week. I told Teacher Sue to tell him that becoz he did that to Darren n Jiayi, he cannot play with it. I told her that I will tell him the same thing tonite when I see him. I will tell him that as a punishment for doing these he will not get to play LEGO for the rest of the week. He has to sit one side and play with other things or read a book.

When I got my chance to speak to Little DinoEgg later, I asked him what did he do in school. He was very honest, he told me "I scratch Darren n I hold Jiayi's neck." When I asked him for the reason for his actions, he said Darren snatched his LEGO (which was not true of coz, since that is not the story he told Teacher Sue) and Jiayi would not stop shaking his head. I explained to him about his actions and made known to him that it is unacceptable. I told him that becoz he has caused pain to both his friends, we will buy a small gift for them which he will pay from his piggy bank.

Later when we are home, I made him do up a simple SORRY card for both of his friends. When I told him about my decision to deprive him of LEGO playing for the rest of this week becoz "he misbehave and cause pain to his friends", he was sad but he accepted it without a big fuss.

Daddy disagreed with me for making Little DinoEgg pay for gift coz he think that he still does not know the concept of money. However, to me I think he knows a little bit as we do pass him the money to pay taxi uncle for the fare or for the toys/food we are buying. My main reason for getting a gift for the 2 boys is more to appease the parents coz these are not small matters. I have to show them that I know my son had done something gravely wrong and I am on top of it rather then keeping quiet about it and hoping it will be gone n forgotten quickly.

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